Treble clef scupltureElectroacoustic works

I wish

A seductive ghostly piece.”
– François Couture,

Its haunting themes are stretched and frozen…in a long drawn-out unfolding of ideas.”
– Steve Benner (stonegnome)


Stand-outs include… Steven Naylor’s Irrashaimase, a beautiful reminiscence of urban Japan.”
– François Couture,


subText: Halifax Jazz Festival performance, 2012.

“There was much to delight the ear in this group’s nimble inventions.”
– Stephen Pedersen, Halifax Chronicle Herald

subText: Open Waters 2012.

“Engaging, even lyrical music… An object lesson in improvisation.”
– Bill Shoemaker,

subText: Open Waters, 2011.

Mature creators with intelligent ideas and a huge vocabulary to draw on.”
– Andrew Terris, Arts Nova

Other performance

Over the years, my keyboard performances have garnered some unusual reviews. These are a few of my favourites.

As piano soloist with Upstream, Halifax:

“…romped around the keyboard like a killer whale at showtime in the public aquarium, splashing tidal waves of notes all over the spectators.”
– Stephen Pedersen, Chronicle Herald

As pianist with the Paul Cram Orchestra, on tour:

“The most notorious offenders against the mainstream values [include] pianist Steven Naylor.”
– Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star

As reluctant organist at a granola-ish wedding, Toronto:

(in a very loud ‘stage whisper’)
“The music’s bothering me. Or rather, the lack of it.”

As pop keyboard performer in taverns across the Maritimes:

“Play something we can dance to!”
“Play something we know!”

“Play something you know!

As solo pianist, rehearsing privately, Charlottetown:

(agitated shouting from the alley below)
“I don’t want to hear your music.
She don’t want to hear your music.
Nobody wants to hear your music!”