Composer – electroacoustic & instrumental concert works

below the surface (excerpt). Recorded live, November 2009
Performers: Jeff Reilly (bass clarinet); Tom Roach (percussion); Steven Naylor (seljefløyte).
Bitter Orchids (excerpt)
Electroacoustic work
I wish (excerpt)
Electroacoustic work
Revisit 1-08: koto blossom
Electroacoustic work. Created for 2008 60×60 Canadian Mix.
blue, ballade, blow (excerpt).
Electroacoustics and solo piano (performer: Steven Naylor)
Excerpts from additional acousmatic works on

Performer/recording artist – improvised & electroacoustic music

Duet 1: Lydian Fantasy. Recorded live, January 2020.
Performers: Jennifer Thiessen (viola d’amore); Steven Naylor (piano).
Archipelago: bioluminescence (excerpt). Recorded live, November 2009.
Performers: Christoph Both (cello); Jeff Reilly (bass clarinet); Tom Roach (percussion); Steven Naylor (piano, electronics)
5 improvised miniatures by Steven Naylor & Jeff Reilly (performing as subSet) on Soundcloud

Composer/sound designer – dramatic & visual media

12 O’Clock Jig (theme for CBC-Radio’s Maritime Noon, 1994-2014).
Performers: Jon Goodman (flute, whistles, pipes); Steven Naylor (keyboards)


All works © Steven Naylor or the performers.